Meet the TROD Officers and Board Members

Tim Cummings and his horse

TROD President
Tim Cummings

Tim resides with his wife, Jackie and 3 children in Winfield, IL. Tim owns a Tennessee Walking horse named Matty and 2 dogs Desi (Blazing Desert Diamond) and Penny (Auten's Lucky Penny). Tim is currently on the board of directors for LaSalle Brittany Club. Tim loves trail riding, camping and participating in field trials. He also runs the Trail Riders of DuPage Yahoo group.


Tim Cummings and his horse

Vice President
Debra Ranieri

Debra wants all the board members info up on the website but has failed to submit her own.
I commandeered this photo where she is trying to sneak a Mini home.

Tim Cummings and his horse

Nicki Jaska

Member since 1999

Tim Cummings and his horse

Carol Zdan

Member since 1994
Carol has been on the TROD Board-of-Directors since 2000, she is a prior Editor of the TROD Newsletter. Carol boards her horses, Matisse and Kosmo, near Warrenville at a private home next to the Forest Preserve.

Tim Cummings and his horse

Board of Directors
Roger Wolf

Member since 2012
Roger shares the board member role with his wife Carolyn. They live in Winfield and board their horse Aja at a private residence in West Chicago that backs up to the West DuPage Forest Preserve. Roger works as a software developer for a company in Chicago.

Tim Cummings and his horse

Board of Directors
Lori Sengstock

Member since 1997
Lori was born and raised in the western suburbs, and has always loved horses. She started riding lessons at age 11. Lori loves to drive the mini horses and can be found volunteering at most TROD functions and selling fun foods at fairs, parties and college orientations. Lori is known to many as the seller of TROD merchandise. Being a Forest Preserve Volunteer, she has worked at Klein Creek Farm for more than 10 years. Lori loves to take care of little animals and has volunteered at Willowbrook Wildlife Preserve. She is always interested in the environment and along with being a member of the Conservation Foundation, she is the treasurer of (BRATS) Bikeable Roads and Trails.

Tim Cummings and his horse

Board of Directors
Jean Allen

Member since 2006
Jean and Walor compete in Competitive Endurance Riding.

Vicki Weyer

Vicki Weyer

Vicki Weyer lives in Warrenville at HayWeyer Ranch with her Family, Mares, Hens and many other Pets. She enjoys riding the many nearby trails and makes slow hay feeders and hay nets in her spare time. She also enjoys learning more about barefoot hoof balance, other natural horse keeping ideas and is successfully testing theories and equipment for bitless riding on her infamous mares Jackie B, Comanche and their new addition Dusty Ruby, the mini. She has a great group of young adults from the neighborhood that come by and trade barn chores in exchange for riding & time with the horses, she fondly refers to them as “The Barn Brats”.

Sue Hilton

Sue Hilton

Sue Hilton grew into her love of horses late in mid-life - to lower her blood pressure and to fill her “ empty nest" feelings. She took riding lessons for a year, and then leased a horse at Galusha Farms. After she proved it wasn't a passing fancy, her husband, Peter, bought her a Chincoteague Pony, Island Legend, for her birthday and anniversary and she joined TROD for fun trail rides, information, and adventure. She bought a second horse for her husband, a 16 hand black Tennessee Walker, Cody. After a broken leg for Sue, and hip and knee surgery for Peter, she downsized last August to a 14.3 hand palomino Tennessee Walker,Shandy. Sue boards Shandy at Galusha Farms, which is down the street from Herrick Lake, St.James, and Blackwell forest preserves. Sue is looking forward to another summer of daily trail rides, TROD trail rides, horse training and learning about horse needs from TROD meetings. She joined the TROD board last year. Her future horse goals are to horse camp, ride in a parade, and “may I get a horse trailer, hunny, please?”


Dawn loves to ride her long time buddy Cutter and has been active with horses for 6 years. Cutter is a Painted Quarter Horse. She rides for pleasure through the many trails of Illinois. Cutter & Dawn have performed in many parades and hope to do many more with T.R.O.D!


2014 TROD Officers & Board Members

President Tim Cummings

Vice President Deb Ranieri

Secretary Nicki Jaska

Treasurer Carol Zdan (14) . . . . . . . 630-668-1925

Roger Wolfe
Merri Odell (14) . . . . . . . 630-745-9780
Jean Allen (15) . . . . . . . . 630-951-0572
Kathy Huth Nicholl (15). . 630-858-5504
Lori Sengstock (15). . . . 630-325-1317
Karen Galvan (16) . . . . . 847-468-0214
Nicole Cooper (16)
Vicki Weyer (16)
Sue Hilton (16)
Connie Schmidt . . . . . . . 630-393-6276

Committees, Liaisons and Other Contact Info
Regulatory Authority
. . .. . . . Peter Veit
Liaison & Trail Issues . Connie Schmidt
Programs, Events, Parade Committee
. . . . . . . . . Lori Sengstock
TROD website . . . J Bogardus
General inquires. . . . . . . .
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Newsletter Editor . .
TROD Yahoo Group .. . Tim Cummings