ERT Clinic Instructs First Responders:
How to Handle Equine Emergencies

On April 21, 2007, the Hooved Animal Human Society (HAHS), together with Bull Valley Riding Club (BVRC) and Trail Riders of DuPage (TROD) hosted a two-session clinic for emergency personnel. The purpose of the class was to educate police, fire, rescue and other local officials on how to handle equine emergencies until the vet arrives. HAHS provided the horses and the facility, TROD provided the instruction and BVRC provided great volunteers to make the event run smoothly.

The day didn’t start out as planned when one instructor fell seriously ill and was rushed to the local hospital via ambulance. We all teased him later that he picked the right place to become sick with all of the emergency personnel on site!

TROD had other instructors who took over without missing a beat. They instructed on trailer safety as well as how to handle panicky horses in unusual situations and wrecks. The pupils led the HAHS horses (which, incidentally, handled the class like pros, much to everyone’s amazement) through a variety of cones and amid scary stimuli. I think the highlight of the class was when the teachers brought out a suitcase full of clothes that they wanted the students to use as emergency halters and leads. Imagine our surprise when we saw our former stallion, Magnum, being led by a bra tied over his head! Others were led by makeshift halters of pantyhose, pants, shirts and other clothing.

A local restaurant provided mostaccioli for lunch and the entire day was a huge success. What a great combination of “horse people!” We thought you might enjoy some of the photos that were graciously taken by several volunteers.