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Message From The President

November/December 2018


2018 is coming to an end and it seems like it just got started. There are so many things I wanted to do, places I wanted to go...Well, 2019 is ahead of us now and a new year offers new opportunities. Is there something special that you wanted to do or see in 2019 that was horse related? Let me know and we will see if we can help your dreams come true.

Please reserve the date of Saturday December 8 for the Annual TROD Christmas party. At the request of our members, we are  having it on Saturday this year instead of Tuesday so we can have more fun without having to go to work the next day. Last year we had 65 people attend and we may have even more this year. We look forward to a wonderful evening and we scheduled it early enough in the month with hopes that it would not interfere with your other Holiday obligations. 

Thank you to Dr. Susan Cain for opening her home at 1615 Stoddard Ave Wheaton for the TROD Christmas Cookie exchange on Sunday evening December 16th at 4 PM. This is an excellent way to have a variety of cookies available without messing the kitchen. Each person brings 3 dozen cookies along with an empty container for the cookies that you will be leaving with. Hors d'oeuvres and snacks are welcome. Details are on facebook and in the newsletter. Hope to see you there!

TROD would like to put together a membership directory for 2019. If you have not renewed your membership, now is the time to renew. Only $20 for a single, family or group membership. In our directory, we would like to list your name, town, email and phone number along with your discipline or equine passion. This is your opportunity to shine! If you are part of a larger equine interest, let us know. For example: Is your family involved with 4-H? Do you have children or teens who ride or just love horses? Do you give riding lessons? Do you have hay for sale? Are you a farrier? Are you willing to feed or work with horses?  Do you do profession photography with horses? We want to know who you are and how we can help connect you with the equine community. 

I get calls every month from people with questions. Do you know where I can take riding lessons? Do you know where one can rent a horse trailer? Do you know of anyone who will board my horse?  What vet do you use? Do you know of anyone who can haul my horse for me? Do you know of anyone who rides a certain forest preserve that I can connect with? It is important to identify yourself and your place in the horse community. Now remember, you do not have to own a horse to be a TROD member and many of our members do not own horses. Some of our members lease horses, others just like to volunteer. All are needed, all are welcome. 

I have people who like to come to my house just to groom and lunge the horses. I have other who come and ride. I have others who are part of TROD just so they can be around the horses. One of our board members has been riding for 15 years. She is in college now so she rides when she can and there are those of us who appreciate the time she puts in on our horses when she is able. What is your passion and your pleasure where horses are concerned? Some people just love to volunteer for TROD events that are of interest to them. Fund raising, parade participation, event planning... This is your organization and I want to hear from you.

Example: what to email me for the TROD Directory

Name: Sharon Nolan (TROD President)

Town: West Chicago

Email: nolansranch@aol.com

Phone: 630-202-6932

Equine passion: I like to trail ride and drive. I have miniature & draft horses that ride and drive. I offer driving lessons, pony parties,  I have horses that are available for others to lease and show. I am a RE Broker 25 years. I list, sell and lease horse properties. I love to do parades, plan TROD events, venture new horse educational events. I have 2 horse trailers that I use to haul. I am involved with helping the Mounted Search and Rescue Unit get established in DuPage County.

You can email me at nolansranch@aol.com 

Sharon Nolan

TROD President



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